DM Social Responsibility

DM engages in an ethical and responsible management of its work and relationships with all its stakeholders. "We believe that our work reaches the maximum effect only when the interested people and land, in some way, received a grant for a social and economic improvement." DM is committed from this point of view by supporting sports initiatives and clubs to first contribute to the improvement of the territory from which it operates, it supports charitable initiatives and solidarity projects in Italy and abroad.

"Integrating our business with a corporate philosophy that is attentive to
social issues  is our way to travel around the world and sustain it"

 Marco - Didier


The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a "voluntary decision to contribute to the progress of society and the protection of the environment, integrating social and environmental concerns in business operations and in their interactions with stakeholders" - Green Paper of the European Commission (July 2001 ).



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