RB-DHD6 Digital 6-Way Stereo Headphone Distribution Amplifier

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The RB-DHD6 digital 6 way headphone distribution amplifier is a 1U rack-mount which receives a digital input signal, as either AES/EBU or S/PDIF and converts it to 6 individually buffered, jack-plug, headphone outputs, each with their own volume control. Useful for connection to digital mixing desks, digital routers and matrices, the RB-DHD6 connects directly to an AES/EBU or S/PDIF output to provide the highest quality audio directly to the headphones.

The input connectors consist of a single balanced XLR-3 for the AES/EBU input and a single unbalanced phono connector for the S/PDIF input. A button located on the rear panel is used to select either the AES/EBU, or S/PDIF, input and de-emphasis on the output can be controlled via dipswitch. If de-emphasis is selected, the RB-DHD6 will decode 50/15µs emphasis when indicated by certain channel status bits in the incoming digital audio data. When operating, the front panel power LED flashes red and amber whenever the unit is not synchronised to the incoming digital signal.

RB-DHD6 Diagram

Technical Specification For RB-DHD6

Audio Specification

Output Level: Drives 150mW into 32Ω to 600Ω headphones
Dynamic Range: >100dB
Input Impedance: 110Ω ±20% AES/EBU 75Ω ±15% S/PDIF
Max Output Level: +12dBu unbalanced
Headphone Gain Range: -80dBu to +12dBu
Sample Frequency Range: 30kHz-100kHz


Digital Inputs: 1 x AES/EBU XLR 3 pin female,
1 x S/PDIF RCA phono
Headphone Outputs: 6 x ¼” (6.35mm) A/B-gauge 3-pole stereo jack sockets
Mains Input: Filtered IEC, 110V-120V, or 220-240V, fused, 10W max
Fuse Rating: Anti-surge fuse 100mA 20 x 5mm (230VAC)
Anti-surge fuse 250mA 20 x 5mm (115VAC)

Operational Controls

De-emphasis On/Off: DIP switch selection
Digital Input Select: AES/EBU or S/PDIF, via push-switch

Equipment Type

RB-DHD6: Digital 6 way stereo headphone distribution amplifier

Physical Specification

Dimensions (Raw): 48cm (W) x 10.8cm (D) x 4.2cm (H) (1U)
19” (W) x 4.3” (D) x 1.7” (H) (1U)
Dimensions (Boxed): 58.5cm (W) x 22.5cm (D) x 7cm (H)
23” (W) x 8.9” (D) x 2.8” (H)
Weight: Nett: 1.6kg  Gross: 2.2kg
Nett: 3.5lbs Gross: 4.8lbs

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